LoTSS Data Release 2 (DR2) cutout API

A simple web-based API is provided for accessing cutouts from the DR2 mosaics.

To use it you need to use HTTPS POST or GET methods on https://lofar-surveys.org/dr2-cutout.fits.

Either method must specify the pos and size attributes. pos gives an object name or RA and Dec in equatorial co-ordinates, size gives the size of the cutout in arcmin.

For example https://lofar-surveys.org/dr2-cutout.fits?pos=12:00:00 +45:00:00&size=30 returns a 30-arcmin cutout of the sky at RA=12:00:00, Dec=+45:00:00.

As these are cutouts from the mosaics large cutouts may be truncated by a mosaic edge. If you need contiguous large areas around an arbitrary position scripts to do this exist in the survey github repository but would require you to have downloaded all the relevant field images.

If you use these cutouts for science please remember to cite the relevant papers listed on the release page and add our credits to your acknowledgements.