LOFAR Surveys KSP publications, and other papers using surveys data, are given in the table below or can be viewed directly in ADS. Key papers describing the survey are highlighted.

Paper #AuthorsTitlePublication date
Das, Soumyadeep et alThe LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey: The nature of the faint source population and SFR-radio luminosity relation using PROSPECTOR2024-05
Chilufya, J. et alThe nature of compact radio-loud AGN: a systematic look at the LOFAR AGN population2024-04
Oei, Martijn S. S. L. et alLuminous giants populate the dense Cosmic Web: The radio luminosity-environmental density relation for radio galaxies in action2024-04
Mostert, Rafaël I. J. et alConstraining the giant radio galaxy population with machine learning and Bayesian inference2024-04
Bondi, M. et alLOFAR HBA observations of the Euclid Deep Field North (EDFN)2024-03
Arnaudova, M. I. et alExploring the radio loudness of SDSS quasars with spectral stacking2024-03
Igo, Z. et alThe LOFAR-eFEDS survey: The incidence of radio and X-ray AGN and the disk-jet connection2024-02
Calistro Rivera, G. et alUbiquitous radio emission in quasars: predominant AGN origin and a connection to jets, dust and winds2023-12
Gloudemans, A. J. et alNo strong radio absorption detected in the low-frequency spectra of radio-loud quasars at z > 5.62023-10
Gloudemans, A. J. et alPlausible association of distant late M dwarfs with low-frequency radio emission2023-10
Hardcastle, M. J. et alThe LOFAR Two-Metre Sky Survey. VI. Optical identifications for the second data release2023-10
Ignesti, Alessandro et alOn the Encounter between the GASP Galaxy JO36 and the Radio Plume of GIN 0492023-10
Edler, H. W. et alVICTORIA project: The LOFAR HBA Virgo Cluster Survey2023-08
Cochrane, R. K. et alThe LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey: the radio view of the cosmic star formation history2023-08
Kondapally, Rohit et alCosmic evolution of radio-AGN feedback: confronting models with data2023-08
Best, P. N. et alThe LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey: Deep Fields data release 1. V. Survey description, source classifications, and host galaxy properties2023-08
Pinjarkar, Siddhant et alSpectral age distribution for radio-loud active galaxies in the XMM-LSS field2023-07
Mostert, Rafaël I. J. et alFinding AGN remnant candidates based on radio morphology with machine learning2023-06
Horton, Maya A. et alNew mechanisms for forming multiple hotspots in radio jets2023-05
de Gasperin, F. et alThe LOFAR LBA Sky Survey. II. First data release2023-05
Oei, Martijn S. S. L. et alMeasuring the giant radio galaxy length distribution with the LoTSS2023-04
Mahatma, V. H. et alA low-frequency sub-arcsecond view of powerful radio galaxies in rich-cluster environments: 3C 34 and 3C 3202023-04
O'Sullivan, S. P. et alThe Faraday Rotation Measure Grid of the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey: Data Release 22023-03
Callingham, J. R. et alV-LoTSS: The circularly polarised LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey2023-02
Oei, Martijn S. S. L. et alAn intergalactic medium temperature from a giant radio galaxy2023-01
Slob, M. M. et alExtragalactic peaked-spectrum radio sources at low frequencies are young radio galaxies2022-12
Mostert, Rafaël I. J. et alRadio source-component association for the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey with region-based convolutional neural networks2022-12
Gloudemans, A. J. et alDiscovery of 24 radio-bright quasars at 4.9 ≤ z ≤ 6.6 using low-frequency radio observations2022-12
Arias, M. et alPossible discovery of Calvera's supernova remnant2022-11
Alegre, Lara et alA machine-learning classifier for LOFAR radio galaxy cross-matching techniques2022-11
Botteon, Andrea et alMagnetic fields and relativistic electrons fill entire galaxy cluster2022-11
Mulcahey, C. R. et alStar formation and AGN feedback in the local Universe: Combining LOFAR and MaNGA2022-09
Cuciti, V. et alGalaxy clusters enveloped by vast volumes of relativistic electrons2022-09
Smith, D. J. B. et alRelic jet activity in 'Hanny's Voorwerp' revealed by the LOFAR two metre sky survey2022-08
Heesen, V. et alNearby galaxies in the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey. I. Insights into the non-linearity of the radio-SFR relation2022-08
Erceg, Ana et alFaraday tomography of LoTSS-DR2 data. I. Faraday moments in the high-latitude outer Galaxy and revealing Loop III in polarisation2022-07
Kondapally, Rohit et alCosmic evolution of low-excitation radio galaxies in the LOFAR two-metre sky survey deep fields2022-07
Carretti, Ettore et alMagnetic field strength in cosmic web filaments2022-05
Brienza, M. et alThe galaxy group NGC 507: Newly detected AGN remnant plasma transported by sloshing2022-05
Pasini, T. et alThe eROSITA Final Equatorial-Depth Survey (eFEDS). LOFAR view of brightest cluster galaxies and AGN feedback2022-05
Vacca, Valentina et alSpectral study of the diffuse synchrotron source in the galaxy cluster Abell 5232022-04
Davis, F. et alRadio AGN in nearby dwarf galaxies: the important role of AGN in dwarf galaxy evolution2022-04
Geng, Chao et alChandra view of Abell 407: the central compact group of galaxies and the interaction between the radio AGN and the ICM2022-04
Oei, Martijn S. S. L. et alThe discovery of a radio galaxy of at least 5 Mpc2022-04
Mingo, B. et alAccretion mode versus radio morphology in the LOFAR Deep Fields2022-04
Botteon, A. et alThe Planck clusters in the LOFAR sky. I. LoTSS-DR2: New detections and sample overview2022-04
Ignesti, A. et alA LOFAR view into the stormy environment of the galaxy cluster 2A0335+0962022-03
LoTSS V (DR2)Shimwell, T. W. et alThe LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey. V. Second data release2022-03
Rajpurohit, K. et alDeep Low-frequency Radio Observations of A2256. I. The Filamentary Radio Relic2022-03
Ramírez-Olivencia, N. et alSub-arcsecond LOFAR imaging of Arp 299 at 150 MHz. Tracing the nuclear and diffuse extended emission of a bright LIRG2022-02
Bonnassieux, Etienne et alSpectral analysis of spatially resolved 3C295 (sub-arcsecond resolution) with the International LOFAR Telescope2022-02
Groeneveld, C. et alPushing sub-arcsecond resolution imaging down to 30 MHz with the trans-European International LOFAR Telescope2022-02
Timmerman, R. et alOrigin of the ring structures in Hercules A. Sub-arcsecond 144 MHz to 7 GHz observations2022-02
Badole, S. et alHigh-resolution imaging with the International LOFAR Telescope: Observations of the gravitational lenses MG 0751+2716 and CLASS B1600+4342022-02
Sweijen, F. et alHigh-resolution international LOFAR observations of 4C 43.15. Spectral ages and injection indices in a high-z radio galaxy2022-02
Long Baselines IMorabito, L. K. et alSub-arcsecond imaging with the International LOFAR Telescope. I. Foundational calibration strategy and pipeline2022-02
Vedantham, H. K. et alPeculiar Radio-X-Ray Relationship in Active Stars2022-02
Kukreti, Pranav et alUnmasking the history of 3C 293 with LOFAR sub-arcsecond imaging2022-02
Long Baselines IIJackson, N. et alSub-arcsecond imaging with the International LOFAR Telescope. II. Completion of the LOFAR Long-Baseline Calibrator Survey2022-02
Barkus, B. et alThe application of ridgelines in extended radio source cross-identification2022-01
Heald, G. H. et alCHANG-ES XXIII: influence of a galactic wind in NGC 57752022-01
Hutschenreuter, S. et alThe Galactic Faraday rotation sky 20202022-01
Mooley, K. P. et alLate-time Evolution and Modeling of the Off-axis Gamma-Ray Burst Candidate FIRST J141918.9+3940362022-01
Sweijen, F. et alDeep sub-arcsecond wide-field imaging of the Lockman Hole field at 144 MHz2022-01
Ignesti, Alessandro et alGASP XXXVIII: The LOFAR-MeerKAT-VLA View on the Nonthermal Side of a Jellyfish Galaxy2022-01
Gloudemans, A. J. et alLow frequency radio properties of the z > ​5 quasar population2021-12
Roy, Namrata et alRadio Morphology of Red Geysers2021-12
Hoang, D. N. et alA 3.5 Mpc long radio relic in the galaxy cluster ClG 0217+702021-12
Webster, B. et alInvestigating the spectra and physical nature of galaxy scale jets2021-12
Brienza, M. et alA snapshot of the oldest active galactic nuclei feedback phases2021-12
Mooney, Seán et alCharacterising the Extended Morphologies of BL Lacertae Objects at 144 MHz with LOFAR2021-12
Callingham, J. R. et alThe population of M dwarfs observed at low radio frequencies2021-12
de Ruiter, Iris et alLimits on long-time-scale radio transients at 150 MHz using the TGSS ADR1 and LoTSS DR2 catalogues2021-12
Biava, N. et alThe ultra-steep diffuse radio emission observed in the cool-core cluster RX J1720.1+2638 with LOFAR at 54 MHz2021-12
Roberts, I. D. et alLoTSS jellyfish galaxies. I. Radio tails in low redshift clusters (Corrigendum)2021-11
Kukreti, Pranav et alUnmasking the history of 3C 293 with LOFAR sub‑arcsecond imaging2021-11
Williams, W. L. et alThe LOFAR LBA Sky Survey: Deep Fields. I. The Boötes Field2021-11
Hajduk, Marcin et alEvidence for Cold Plasma in Planetary Nebulae From Radio Observations With the LOw Frequency ARray (LOFAR)2021-10
Macfarlane, C. et alThe radio loudness of SDSS quasars from the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey: ubiquitous jet activity and constraints on star formation2021-10
Toet, S. E. B. et alCoherent radio emission from a population of RS Canum Venaticorum systems2021-10
Hoeft, M. et alAbell 1430: A merging cluster with exceptional diffuse radio emission2021-10
Rowlinson, A. et alLOFAR early-time search for coherent radio emission from short GRB 181123B2021-10
Feeney-Johansson, A. et alDetection of coherent low-frequency radio bursts from weak-line T Tauri stars2021-09
Pope, Benjamin J. S. et alThe TESS View of LOFAR Radio-emitting Stars2021-09
Locatelli, N. et alNew constraints on the magnetic field in cosmic web filaments2021-08
Jones, A. et alRadio relics in PSZ2 G096.88+24.18: a connection with pre-existing plasma2021-08
Roberts, I. D. et alLoTSS jellyfish galaxies. II. Ram pressure stripping in groups versus clusters2021-08
McKean, J. P. et alGravitational lensing in LoTSS DR2: extremely faint 144-MHz radio emission from two highly magnified quasars2021-07
van Weeren, R. J. et alLOFAR observations of galaxy clusters in HETDEX. Extraction and self-calibration of individual LOFAR targets2021-07
Davis, I. et alLarge closed-field corona of WX Ursae Majoris evidenced from radio observations2021-06
Botteon, A. et alDiscovery of a Radio Halo (and Relic) in a M500<2×1014 M Cluster2021-06
Roberts, I. D. et alLoTSS jellyfish galaxies. I. Radio tails in low redshift clusters2021-06
Bruni, G. et alHard X-ray selected giant radio galaxies - III. The LOFAR view2021-06
Bruno, L. et alThe LOFAR and JVLA view of the distant steep spectrum radio halo in MACS J1149.5+22232021-06
Botteon, A. et alNonthermal phenomena in the center of Abell 1775. An 800 kpc head-tail, revived fossil plasma and slingshot radio halo2021-05
Ramasawmy, J. et alLow-frequency radio spectra of submillimetre galaxies in the Lockman Hole2021-04
Deep fields IVDuncan, K. J. et alThe LOFAR Two-meter Sky Survey: Deep Fields Data Release 1. IV. Photometric redshifts and stellar masses2021-04
Mandal, S. et alExtremely deep 150 MHz source counts from the LoTSS Deep Fields2021-04
Hardcastle, M. J. et alThe contribution of discrete sources to the sky temperature at 144 MHz2021-04
Wang, L. et alThe bright end of the infrared luminosity functions and the abundance of hyperluminous infrared galaxies2021-04
Callingham, J. R. et alLow-frequency monitoring of flare star binary CR Draconis: long-term electron-cyclotron maser emission2021-04
Smith, D. J. B. et alThe LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey Deep Fields. The star-formation rate-radio luminosity relation at low frequencies2021-04
Deep Fields IIIKondapally, R. et alThe LOFAR Two-meter Sky Survey: Deep Fields Data Release 1. III. Host-galaxy identifications and value added catalogues2021-04
Di Gennaro, G. et alDownstream Depolarization in the Sausage Relic: A 1-4 GHz Very Large Array Study2021-04
Deep fields IISabater, J. et alThe LOFAR Two-meter Sky Survey: Deep Fields Data Release 1. II. The ELAIS-N1 LOFAR deep field2021-04
Gloudemans, A. J. et alLOFAR properties of SILVERRUSH Lyα emitter candidates in the ELAIS-N1 field2021-04
Morganti, R. et alThe best of both worlds: Combining LOFAR and Apertif to derive resolved radio spectral index images2021-04
Herrera Ruiz, N. et alLOFAR Deep Fields: probing a broader population of polarized radio galaxies in ELAIS-N12021-04
Deep Fields ITasse, C. et alThe LOFAR Two-meter Sky Survey: Deep Fields Data Release 1. I. Direction-dependent calibration and imaging2021-04
Osinga, E. et alDiffuse radio emission from galaxy clusters in the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey Deep Fields2021-04
LoLSS DR1 Ide Gasperin, F. et alThe LOFAR LBA Sky Survey. I. Survey description and preliminary data release2021-04
Mahatma, V. H. et alA low-frequency study of linear polarization in radio galaxies2021-03
Ghirardini, V. et alDiscovery of a supercluster in the eROSITA Final Equatorial Depth Survey: X-ray properties, radio halo, and double relics2021-03
Wolf, J. et alFirst constraints on the AGN X-ray luminosity function at z 6 from an eROSITA-detected quasar2021-03
Cuciti, V. et alRadio halos in a mass-selected sample of 75 galaxy clusters. II. Statistical analysis2021-03
Hoang, D. N. et alLOFAR detection of a low-power radio halo in the galaxy cluster Abell 9902021-02
Rajpurohit, K. et alPhysical insights from the spectrum of the radio halo in MACS J0717.5+37452021-02
Jimenez-Gallardo, A. et alExtended X-Ray Emission around FR II Radio Galaxies: Hot Spots, Lobes, and Galaxy Clusters2021-02
Mostert, Rafaël I. J. et alUnveiling the rarest morphologies of the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey radio source population with self-organised maps2021-01
Webster, B. et alA population of galaxy-scale jets discovered using LOFAR2021-01
Di Gennaro, Gabriella et alFast magnetic field amplification in distant galaxy clusters2021-01
Bonafede, A. et alThe Coma Cluster at LOw Frequency ARray Frequencies. I. Insights into Particle Acceleration Mechanisms in the Radio Bridge2021-01
Zheng, X. C. et alLink between radio-loud AGNs and host-galaxy shape2020-12
Botteon, A. et alA giant radio bridge connecting two galaxy clusters in Abell 17582020-12
Siewert, T. M. et alOne- and two-point source statistics from the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey first data release2020-11
Vedantham, H. K. et alDirect Radio Discovery of a Cold Brown Dwarf2020-11
Ignesti, A. et alThe great Kite in the sky: A LOFAR observation of the radio source in Abell 26262020-11
Rożko, K. et alThe Significance of Low-frequency Interferometric Observations for the GPS Pulsar Flux Estimation: The Case of J1740+10002020-11
Osinga, E. et alAlignment in the orientation of LOFAR radio sources2020-10
Capetti, A. et alThe LOFAR view of FR 0 radio galaxies2020-10
de Gasperin, F. et alReaching thermal noise at ultra-low radio frequencies. Toothbrush radio relic downstream of the shock front2020-10
Vollmann, Martin et alRadio constraints on dark matter annihilation in Canes Venatici I with LOFAR2020-08
Morabito, L. K. et alThe origin of radio emission in broad absorption line quasars: Results from the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey (Corrigendum)2020-08
Bîrzan, L. et alLOFAR observations of X-ray cavity systems2020-08
Shabala, Stanislav S. et alThe duty cycle of radio galaxies revealed by LOFAR: remnant and restarted radio source populations in the Lockman Hole2020-08
Locatelli, Nicola T. et alDiscovering the most elusive radio relic in the sky: diffuse shock acceleration caught in the act?2020-07
Botteon, A. et alThe Beautiful Mess in Abell 22552020-07
O'Sullivan, S. P. et alNew constraints on the magnetization of the cosmic web using LOFAR Faraday rotation observations2020-07
Cantwell, T. M. et alLow-frequency observations of the giant radio galaxy NGC 62512020-06
Jurlin, N. et alThe life cycle of radio galaxies in the LOFAR Lockman Hole field2020-06
Brienza, M. et alRadio spectral properties and jet duty cycle in the restarted radio galaxy 3C3882020-06
Broderick, J. W. et alLOFAR 144-MHz follow-up observations of GW1708172020-06
Rosario, D. J. et alFundamental differences in the radio properties of red and blue quasars: insight from the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey (LoTSS)2020-05
Retana-Montenegro, E. et alThe optical luminosity function of LOFAR radio-selected quasars at 1.4 ≤ z ≤ 5.0 in the NDWFS-Boötes field2020-04
Fan, Xu-Liang et alRevisiting the Fraction of Radio-Loud Narrow Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies with LoTSS DR12020-03
Dabhade, P. et alGiant radio galaxies in the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey. I. Radio and environmental properties2020-03
Vedantham, H. K. et alCoherent radio emission from a quiescent red dwarf indicative of star-planet interaction2020-02
Chiao, May et alLoTSS of giants2020-02
Pope, Benjamin J. S. et alNo Massive Companion to the Coherent Radio-emitting M Dwarf GJ 11512020-02
Mandal, S. et alRevived fossil plasma sources in galaxy clusters2020-02
Quiroga-Nuñez, L. H. et alDifferences in radio emission from similar M dwarfs in the binary system Ross 867-82020-01
Arias, Maria et alLow-frequency Radio Absorption in Tycho’s Supernova Remnant2019-12
Rowlinson, A. et alLOFAR early-time search for coherent radio emission from GRB 180706A2019-12
Clavico, S. et alGrowth and disruption in the Lyra complex2019-12
Wang, L. et alA LOFAR-IRAS cross-match study: the far-infrared radio correlation and the 150 MHz luminosity as a star-formation rate tracer2019-11
Drabent, A. et alRealising the LOFAR Two-Metre Sky Survey -- using the supercomputer JUWELS at the Forschungszentrum Jülich2019-10
Mechev, A. P. et alBuilding LOFAR as a Service2019-10
Botteon, A. et alParticle acceleration in a nearby galaxy cluster pair: the role of cluster dynamics2019-10
Hardcastle, M. J. et alNGC 326: X-shaped no more2019-09
Mingo, B. et alRevisiting the Fanaroff-Riley dichotomy and radio-galaxy morphology with the LOFAR Two-Metre Sky Survey (LoTSS)2019-09
Cassano, R. et alLOFAR Discovery of a Radio Halo in the High-redshift Galaxy Cluster PSZ2 G099.86+58.452019-08
Shulevski, A. et alFirst look at the giant radio galaxy 3C 236 with LOFAR2019-08
Bîrzan, L. et alA massive cluster at z = 0.288 caught in the process of formation: The case of Abell 9592019-08
Mechev, A. P. et alScalability model for the LOFAR direction independent pipeline2019-07
Clarke, A. O. et alSignatures from a merging galaxy cluster and its AGN population: LOFAR observations of Abell 16822019-07
Govoni, F. et alA radio ridge connecting two galaxy clusters in a filament of the cosmic web2019-06
Gu, Liyi et alObservations of a pre-merger shock in colliding clusters of galaxies2019-06
Thwala, S. A. et alThe study of extended emission in a radio galaxy detected in the LOFAR Two-Metre Sky Survey2019-05
Hoang, D. N. et alRadio observations of the merging galaxy cluster Abell 520 (Corrigendum)2019-04
Van Eck, C. L. et alDiffuse polarized emission in the LOFAR Two-meter Sky Survey2019-03
Stacey, H. R. et alLoTSS/HETDEX: Disentangling star formation and AGN activity in gravitationally lensed radio-quiet quasars2019-02
Miskolczi, A. et alCHANG-ES XII. A LOFAR and VLA view of the edge-on star-forming galaxy NGC 35562019-02
Croston, J. H. et alThe environments of radio-loud AGN from the LOFAR Two-Metre Sky Survey (LoTSS)2019-02
Gürkan, Gülay et alLoTSS/HETDEX: Optical quasars. I. Low-frequency radio properties of optically selected quasars2019-02
LoTSS IV (DR1)Duncan, K. J. et alThe LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey. IV. First Data Release: Photometric redshifts and rest-frame magnitudes2019-02
Hale, C. L. et alLOFAR observations of the XMM-LSS field2019-02
Nikiel-Wroczyński, B. et alExploring the properties of low-frequency radio emission and magnetic fields in a sample of compact galaxy groups using the LOFAR Two-Metre Sky Survey (LoTSS)2019-02
Mooney, S. et alBlazars in the LOFAR Two-Metre Sky Survey first data release2019-02
Emig, K. L. et alThe first detection of radio recombination lines at cosmological distances2019-02
Sabater, J. et alThe LoTSS view of radio AGN in the local Universe. The most massive galaxies are always switched on2019-02
Mahatma, V. H. et alLoTSS DR1: Double-double radio galaxies in the HETDEX field2019-02
Savini, F. et alA LOFAR study of non-merging massive galaxy clusters2019-02
Callingham, J. R. et alLoTSS-HETDEX and Gaia: Blind Search for Radio Emission from Stellar Systems Dominated by False Positives2019-02
O'Sullivan, S. P. et alThe intergalactic magnetic field probed by a giant radio galaxy2019-02
Botteon, A. et alThe spectacular cluster chain Abell 781 as observed with LOFAR, GMRT, and XMM-Newton2019-02
Hoang, D. N. et alRadio observations of the merging galaxy cluster Abell 5202019-02
Hoang, D. N. et alCharacterizing the radio emission from the binary galaxy cluster merger Abell 21462019-02
Heesen, V. et alCalibrating the relation of low-frequency radio continuum to star formation rate at 1 kpc scale with LOFAR2019-02
Morabito, L. K. et alThe origin of radio emission in broad absorption line quasars: Results from the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey2019-02
Hardcastle, M. J. et alRadio-loud AGN in the first LoTSS data release. The lifetimes and environmental impact of jet-driven sources2019-02
Mandal, S. et alUltra-steep spectrum emission in the merging galaxy cluster Abell 19142019-02
LoTSS III (DR1)Williams, W. L. et alThe LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey. III. First data release: Optical/infrared identifications and value-added catalogue2019-02
de Gasperin, F. et alSystematic effects in LOFAR data: A unified calibration strategy2019-02
Wilber, A. et alEvolutionary phases of merging clusters as seen by LOFAR2019-02
LoTSS II (DR1)Shimwell, T. W. et alThe LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey. II. First data release2019-02
Retana-Montenegro, E. et alDeep LOFAR 150 MHz imaging of the Boötes field: Unveiling the faint low-frequency sky2018-12
Read, S. C. et alThe Far-Infrared Radio Correlation at low radio frequency with LOFAR/H-ATLAS2018-11
O'Sullivan, Shane P. et alUntangling Cosmic Magnetic Fields: Faraday Tomography at Metre Wavelengths with LOFAR2018-11
Tan, C. M. et alLOFAR Discovery of a 23.5 s Radio Pulsar2018-10
Di Gennaro, G. et alDeep Very Large Array Observations of the Merging Cluster CIZA J2242.8+5301: Continuum and Spectral Imaging2018-09
Mechev, A. P. et alFast and Reproducible LOFAR Workflows with AGLOW2018-08
Hoang, D. N. et alRadio observations of the double-relic galaxy cluster Abell 12402018-08
Savini, F. et alFirst evidence of diffuse ultra-steep-spectrum radio emission surrounding the cool core of a cluster2018-08
Bonafede, A. et alLOFAR discoveryof radio emission in MACS J0717.5+37452018-08
Brüggen, M. et alDiscovery of large-scale diffuse radio emission in low-mass galaxy cluster Abell 19312018-07
Botteon, A. et alLOFAR discovery of a double radio halo system in Abell 1758 and radio/X-ray study of the cluster pair2018-07
Van Eck, C. L. et alPolarized point sources in the LOFAR Two-meter Sky Survey: A preliminary catalog2018-06
Wilber, A. et alSearch for low-frequency diffuse radio emission around a shock in the massive galaxy cluster MACS J0744.9+39272018-05
Mahatma, V. H. et alRemnant radio-loud AGN in the Herschel-ATLAS field2018-04
Tasse, C. et alFaceting for direction-dependent spectral deconvolution2018-04
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Savini, F. et alStudying the late evolution of a radio-loud AGN in a galaxy group with LOFAR2018-03
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de Gasperin, Francesco et alGentle reenergization of electrons in merging galaxy clusters2017-10
Morabito, Leah K. et alInvestigating the unification of LOFAR-detected powerful AGN in the Boötes field2017-08
Calistro Rivera, G. et alThe LOFAR window on star-forming galaxies and AGNs - curved radio SEDs and IR-radio correlation at 0<z<2.52017-08
Venturi, T. et alThe two-component giant radio halo in the galaxy cluster Abell 21422017-07
Shulevski, A. et alRadiative age mapping of the remnant radio galaxy B2 0924+30: the LOFAR perspective2017-04
Mechev, A. et alAn Automated Scalable Framework for Distributing Radio Astronomy Processing Across Clusters and Clouds2017-03
LoTSS I (DR1)Shimwell, T. W. et alThe LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey. I. Survey description and preliminary data release2017-02
Smith, D. J. B. et alThe WEAVE-LOFAR Survey2016-12
Mahony, E. K. et alThe Lockman Hole project: LOFAR observations and spectral index properties of low-frequency radio sources2016-12
Jackson, N. et alLBCS: The LOFAR Long-Baseline Calibrator Survey2016-11
Hardcastle, M. J. et alLOFAR/H-ATLAS: a deep low-frequency survey of the Herschel-ATLAS North Galactic Pole field2016-10
Varenius, E. et alSubarcsecond international LOFAR radio images of Arp 220 at 150 MHz. A kpc-scale star forming disk surrounding nuclei with shocked outflows2016-09
Morabito, Leah K. et alLOFAR VLBI studies at 55 MHz of 4C 43.15, a z = 2.4 radio galaxy2016-09
Akamatsu, H. et alSuzaku and XMM-Newton observations of the newly discovered early-stage cluster merger of 1E2216.0-0401 and 1E2215.7-04042016-09
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van Weeren, R. J. et alLOFAR Facet Calibration2016-03
van Weeren, R. J. et alLOFAR, VLA, and Chandra Observations of the Toothbrush Galaxy Cluster2016-02
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