This page gives an archive of news related to the LOFAR surveys.

Flurry of new discoveries as incredible new image revealing 4.4 million galaxies is made public (25/02/22)

Most detailed-ever images of galaxies revealed (18/08/21)

Ultra-sensitive radio images reveal thousands of star-forming galaxies in early Universe (07/04/21)

A starry sky made of more than 25,000 supermassive black holes (19/02/21)

Help to find the location of newly discovered black holes in the LOFAR Radio Galaxy Zoo project (26/02/2020)

LOFAR pioneers new way to study exoplanet environments (17/02/20)

LoTSS DR1 press release (19/02/19)

Video material

  • LOFAR surveys full video (5 minutes)
  • LOFAR surveys short video (5 minutes)
  • LOFAR fly through
  • Zooming in on extragalactic objects