Column descriptions for component catalogue.

Bracketed numbers refer to notes at the end of the file.

Column Units Description
Component_Name Object identifier (ILT name)
RA deg Radio right ascension (mean position )
DEC deg Radio declination (mean position)
E_RA arcsec Error on radio right ascension
E_DEC arcsec Error on radio declination
Total_flux mJy 144-MHz total flux density
E_Total_flux mJy Error on total flux density
Peak_flux mJy/beam 144-MHz peak flux density
E_Peak_flux mJy/beam Error on peak flux density
S_Code PyBDSF source code
Mosaic_ID LoTSS mosaic of source image
Maj arcsec Major axis of fitted Gaussian
Min arcsec Minor axis of fitted Gaussian
PA deg Position angle of fitted Gaussian
E_Maj arcsec Error on major axis
E_Min arcsec Error on minor axis
E_PA deg Error on position angle
DC_Maj arcsec Deconvolved major axis of fitted Gaussian
DC_Min arcsec Deconvolved minor axis of fitted Gaussian
DC_PA deg Deconvolved position angle of fitted Gaussian
Created Origin of radio component
Deblended_from If the component was created by deblending, the name of the original catalogued source from which it was deblended
Parent_Source The source in the source catalogue of which this component is part
Field Which of the two fields the component is taken from