eROSITA Final Equatorial Depth (eFEDS) LOFAR survey

This release contains catalogues from the LOFAR surveys of the eROSITA Final Equatorial Depth (eFEDS) region, coincident with the GAMA09 equatorial field.

The LOFAR survey is described by Pasini et al 2022 and consists of 184 hours of LOFAR observation at a number of pointing centres covering the eFEDS area, reaching a lowest noise level of 135 μJy/beam at the centre of the field with 9 x 8 arcsec resolution. Pasini et al describe the extraction of a radio catalogue using PyBDSF from the full eFEDS mosaic.

The LOFAR-eFEDS value added catalogue (Igo et al. 2024) contains the 36,631 LOFAR 144-MHz detected radio sources in the eROSITA/eFEDS field (only 'inArea90', i.e. where the vignetted exposure time exceeds 500s). Legacy Survey DR9 optical counterparts are available, as well as host galaxy information from the GAMA09 survey (e.g. spectroscopic redshift, stellar mass, star formation rate) for those sources with counterparts in these catalogues. All (mass-complete) radio AGN in the GAMA09 field (flagged as 'G9_radioAGN') have been visually inspected to verify their counterpart association and their radio morphology. This subsample forms the basis of the work by Igo et al. (2024). 'FRII_flag' can be used to identify sources with FRII morphology; 'GRG_flag' can be used to identify giant radio galaxies. 'G9_radioXray_sources' mark the subset of radio sources which also have an eROSITA/eFEDS X-ray counterpart. For further information, see Appendix A of Igo et al. 2024.


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